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April 5th, 2011 · No Comments

I never watch this show before but this episode was pretty funny and interesting. How much of the truth is in it.
I didn’t get a little lost in the start whether the Liz’s lost her job or not. Since she was running around questioning everyone on staff is it good it’s only temporary. Jack, her boss, basically tells her that she doesn’t have any good new ideas for their show to keep going does not believe her. But he thinks Banks can have better ideas for TGS. Jack told her he has been telling her for two years she should have a Plan B incase and now that day has come and Liz has no Plan B all she has a fall back is a degree in Writing & Theater. Liz wines up getting fired anyway even after trying so hard to prove herself.
This situation seems very gender favoring because he believes in a man not on a women to handle the job. Goes to show you men and women aren’t equal and this relates to real life society. This situation will always be around anywhere in the world. Women still have certain standard to meets as well as men, depending on what fields or level of society which in your expected.
Then it’s like the script flips because they show Devin attending the meeting with his baby. That’s about the biggest shock. Because it’s like saying all the sudden Men take care of their children, when women are the one’s taking care of the children and keeping the household together.
Overall, shows how women or men can accomplish school. It gives us the real life check that having a degree doesn’t been you are guaranteed a job for life and that even with a degree a job a very difficult to find. Especially with the way economy is right now. Which is why everyone should always have a Plan B like Jack calls it.

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