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Stephanie Georges Extra Credit Assignment

April 5th, 2011 · No Comments

Extra Credit Assingment
Stephanie Georges
I have never watched this show before but this episode is funny . I had to watch the episode twice to understand it .   I observed many gender streotypes .
Forced hiatus, which is a  gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity  .In the workplace I see the women (liz) working underneath man (jack) which is her boss. The woman is seen but not heard and her boss doesnt think that she can contribute ideas to keep the show running . Banks was opposite from a streotypical gender role . He was caretaking an infant  and listening to nursery rhyme sing alongs . That is not the typical male  role  . A father is mostly seen in the office while the mother is taking care of the children . Liz doesnt have a plan B she only has a degree in theater and writing . Its obvious that wriitng is irrelevant in this sitcom tp help Liz get far  . Liz is still in hiding and most of TGS staff is fleeing from company. Liz not having a plan B she is trying to hide and save her self from getting fired. Unfortunately she gets fired.   Jack believes that Banks can contribute an idea to keep TGS running .  Throughout the show I notice many humorous comments about todays society and how its viewed. This show is poking fun at typical college graduates . The message is you can accomplish as ,nay degrees as you want. Its not guranteed that you will have a secure job none the less a job at all . This episode definetly portrayed gender stereotypes.

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