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Extra Credit…. Why other students or I dont show up to class..

May 21st, 2011 · 1 Comment

Sociology is my major, and I enjoy learning about it. But this was the first class to be honest that had me confused most of the time. I’m usually raising my hand and participate in class but I can’t point to what was wrong. But I did still manage to go to class I must of missed 3 classes but that’s because I know I had dr apt and I was sick  Your audios and films I enjoyed hearing very interesting, maybe you can add more that to your future classes interest the students more that can encourage them to want to be there. But even being there I don’t know what really I was mainly confused half the time. The PowerPoint’s are very useful I just didn’t think there was a need to even go to class when the lectures were main just read of the PowerPoint’s which we can get off the your website and stuff just kept being repeating in like different words because of this is the reason probably why half the class was never there or maybe they just really aren’t morning people and thought that they can be able to make it to a 8am class when in reality they can’t get up from bed which makes them absent a lot and they can afford to drop a class because every class a student takes is need. You saw the difference from regular class day to the day the test came the class was nearly filled.

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  • 1    Prof. Hala // May 23, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Even with the Powerpoints online and my repetition of definitions and descriptions of key concepts, there are many students who still fail to comprehend the central social research concepts of the course. Sociology has a vocabulary of its own and learning it, like learning a new language, requires a certain amount of (boring) memorization and repetition. Many students do not take the initiative to do this on their own, so in this type of introductory course I feel like repeating things is unavoidable. I have yet to find another way to aid students in learning key concepts and terms.

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