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May 22nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

I am definately not a morning person. That would explain why I fall asleep in most of my morning classes but I do try to stay awake and attentive (redbull helps). Although I find many classes boring I never use that as an excuse not to go. I am only absent if something interfered with me coming to class¬† like that dreaded flat tire I got one time going to school or if I’m sick. But as a college student I know from hearing my peers talk that a class being boring is one of the main reasons they dont attend. Many classes offer power points with notes on them and therefore there is no point of going to class. Also, some classes only consist of papers and no exams, therefore why take notes if you wont be tested on anything learned. I enjoy when classes are small for they are more intimate and you are actually engaging in classroom activity. Large lecture rooms are dull and I find I do worst in lectures for I end up teaching myself the material. I like classes that I actually look forward going to because I know I won’t fall asleep and I’ll actually get something out of the class. I think this applies everywhere. In the world of labor people are more productive when working in small intimate groups. Throw 200 people together and you’ll get chaos.

Obviously college isnt the playgroud. Its hard work. I dont pay tuition not to go to class.¬† But sometimes I wish that my classes would be a little more interesting. Like I mentioned earlier, I function best in a more intimate setting. Lots of student discussions and even debates. It keeps me awake and alert. I don’t like just staring at power points. Videos are good, I always enjoy those. And I like to see my professor interested in the class as well. I mean if I have to be interested shouldn’t you be too teaching it?

This has nothing to do with this class specifically. Just my college experience overall so far.

Paloma Herrera

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  • 1    Prof. Hala // May 24, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    I hear you on the preference for small class sizes — believe me, this is one point on which students like you and faculty totally agree. Unfortunately, the way things are going, especially in public colleges, class sizes (i.e., student-teacher ratios) are only increasing. If possible, get into as many of those more intimate classes as you can!

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