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Francisco Rivera-Extra Credit

May 23rd, 2011 · 1 Comment

All of my classes that I take normally are fairly interesting at this point of my college career. I am almost done with my major as a sociology major. Some professors while in college have definitely made some of my classes that I have taken a lot more interesting then others. I am really a strong believer that a professor has the complete authority on how interesting a class is going to be. For me personally I love to be engaged in the particular lessons that just lectured. One of the things that I did in fact enjoy doing in class was when we would work in groups and do the different word associations. It was really interesting to see that one word could mean something to someone could mean something totally different to someone else. Something else that was helpful in class was the idea of using specific examples from the textbook in the notes.
Something that I am looking forward though to in a semester when I graduate is the concept of not having to do all the papers that comes along with being a college student. The good thing about this class as well was the fact that the paper load per semester was just right not like we did none, but we didn’t do a lot. Overall this class I found beneficial as a beginner format to all the different types of research there are out there.

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  • 1    Prof. Hala // May 24, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Those are all helpful comments, Francisco. Thanks. And you’ve hooked into a common theme across many responses: the less straight ‘lecturing,’ the better. This feedback will definitely influence my approach to undergrad courses in the future — move away from lecture towards other modes of delivering course content.

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