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Final exam review sheet – Spring 2011

“Building a Better America — One Wealth Quintile at a Time,” Ariely and Norton, forthcoming in Perspectives on Psychological Science

Midterm review sheet – Spring 2011

Research Proposal Resources

SOC 212 Sociology Research Guide (created by Prof. James Mellone)

Health/Eating Disorders

“The Americanization of Mental Illness,” Watter, E. The New York Times Magazine, 1/10/2010

“Ethnicity & Eating Disorders,” PPT, J. Kwak, UIC College of Medicine, 6/10/2003

Audio (mp3): “Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat,” Tell Me More, NPR, 8/31/2009. (Host Michel Martin interviews author Stephanie Covington Armstrong about her ongoing battle with bulimia nervosa and why eating disorders are not commonly associated with African-American women.)

Substance Abuse/Mental Health/Families

Children of Alchoholics – Fact Sheet

2009 National Survey on Drug Use & Health, US Dept of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration


“Improving the Quality and Accuracy of Bias Crime Statistics Nationally,” The Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research, Northeastern University, July 2000

Human Trafficking/Sex Trafficking/Sex Work/Prostitution

Sex Trafficking Into The United States: A Literature Review, Edward J. Schauer and Elizabeth M. Wheaton, Criminal Justice Review, 2006

“Human Trafficking, Information Campaigns, and Strategies of Migration Control,” Nieuwenhuys and Pecoud, 2007

“Behind Closed Doors: An Analysis of Sex Work in New York City,” Sex Workers Project, 2005

Resources – Fall 2010

Final review sheet Fall 2010 (updated 12/9/2010)

Midterm review sheet Fall 2010

“Building a Nation of Know-Nothings,” Egan, T., The Opinionator, NYT, 8/25/2010

Audio (stream): “‘Shop Talk’: Why Do Americans Think Obama Is Muslim?,” Tell Me More, NPR, 8/20/2010.

An interesting discussion among several journalists and media observers about public perceptions of President Obama’s faith.  I played this for the 10:15 section, but due to technical difficulties was unable to share this with the 8:15 section.

‘Shop Talk’: Why Do Americans Think Obama Is Muslim?

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